Ubud Monkeys!

So 1st morning in Ubud we had a wander, got some breakfast and checked out the monkey forest, ready to check-out the hotel & swim later on. Would definitely recommend doing that, the queues and the heat as we were leaving were crazy!

Ft Guy’s photos because I still haven’t got mine off my camera 😅

Dive 1 & 2

So before the trip Guy & I went halfsies on a Cross Tour camera (like a cheap GoPro) his idea being to use it diving, I was not confident it would stand up to the pressure but for £30 it was worth the risk…

Turned out to be such a good buy! Although you can’t use a camera while doing your Open Water course, fortunately I decided to join Guy as a fun dive.

These are the images fresh from the camera, edits will occur at some point.

Green turtle

Green turtle & Rich our instructor

Manta Dive Centre Pool 😍

Guy is saying something is cool
Sneaky scorpionfish hiding on a barrel sponge
Scorpionfish again
Diving 101: very important to let your buddy know you’re ok

A note on physics & diving:

The deeper you go the more reds, yellows & oranges disappear as these shorter wavelengths of light are absorbed by the water.. Basically the deeper you go the bluer it gets.

As the Crosstour isn’t a dive camera, it’s sensor isn’t strong enough to pick up what little red there is at 18m (much unlike our retinas) so all photos come out with a blue-green cast (despite it looking amazingly beautiful to our eyes at the time).

Under the sea

Apologies for lack of posts, no Wi-Fi in our guest house after the storm!

..So after a few knackering but absolutely awesome days of diving, Guy and I completed our diving qualifications! I’m now an advanced SSI diver, and Guy is SSI Open Water. Bit of a shaky start, including both of us coming down with some severe vertigo from getting dehydrated and overheated but so definitely worth it!

The reefs are of course beautiful and we’ve seen so many turtles (mostly Green but a couple Hawksbills) 💙 Also: assorted corals, puffers, angelfish, butterfly fish, surgeon fish, moreys, lionfish, scorpionfish, trumpetfish and a couple of batfish. 🐡🐠🐟 Highlights being: 1. Seeing Guy go from nervous newbie to absolute addict ..talking about coming back next year 😂 2. Very rare banded sea snake I spotted & pointed out to Guy (btw, ultravenomous but too small jawed to bite humans – the daddy long legs of the sea) 3. Cute tiny jellyfish we saw off the side of the boat (the mosquito of the sea) 4. The huge turtle (chilling on the coral being cleaned by remoras) that we didn’t notice until we were literally 1m away!! 😂 5. The spotted stingrays we saw on our last dive